My first experience with Stack Overflow

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My first experience with Stack Overflow


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Hi, AmooAti is here

In this article, I want to describe my first experience with Stach Overflow. First, I was using it and looking into my problems like any other developer, one day, I was searching for customization of Magento. I found an article in Magento Stackexchange and Stack Overflow, and this question was the same and belonged to one person, but there wasn't any answer for them, just a couple of comments!

So I went deep into Magento core and found the solution myself, then I answered this question with my findings, and in Magento Stackexchange, I got a vote up.

I liked that, but, It couldn't help me to overcome my fear of answering or posting questions on Stack Overflow!

After a while, Last night, I was facing a problem with a bash script and posted my question on StackOverflow. First, it was closed due to a duplicate question, and then some people commented that the linked question was not an answer to my question. Meanwhile, I was disappointed cause my first question closed :(

After an hour, some people answered my question, and I also got a vote up for my question from somebody. It was a Good feeling:)!

After this, I was hyped and tried to answer two questions. One of them currently doesn't have any reactions from the questioner, and one of them gets a vote down because someone feels that question and two answers (one is mine) are useless :) But still, I have hope:)

Recently, I updated my watch tags and ignored tags, and It's a helpful and motivating way.

As I go with Stack Overflow, I will update this post.

And if you want to check out my current states on Stack Overflow, you can track me here, AmooAti